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Iako izgleda čudno, ova biljka čini čuda za tvoju kožu

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Poznata beauty vlogerica uvijek koristi prirodne sastojke, a ovaj puta koristi posebnu biljku

Vlogerica Farah Dhukai poznata je po korištenju prirodnih sastojaka u svojim beauty tretmanima. 

Biljka koju je koristila zove se grčka djetelina ili piskavica raste šriom Azije, a njena korisna svojstva za kožu, kosu i tijelo općenito dobro su poznata na toj strani svijeta.

Iako ne izgleda lijepo, Farah tvrdi da radi čuda za kožu koju čini mekšom, a kosu sjajnijom.

U pola litre vode koja provrije treba dodati pola čaše piskavice i kuhati je pet minuta. Ostavite je da odstoji preko noći, izdvojite piskavicu i u blenderu je usitnite, a vodu u kojoj ste je kuhali stavite u raspršivač i koristite za kosu. Nakon 15 minuta je isperite, a tretman ponovite jednom tjedno.



⭐️1 INGREDIENT TO: Get REALLY SHINY HAIR + CURE DANDRUFF -SHRINK PORES + CURE BLACKHEADS⭐️ ALL YOU NEED: ✅Fenugreek seeds - I boil 1/2 cup in 2 cups water for 5 mins -leave the seeds in the water overnight - STOVE OFF of course -separate seeds + water - seeds go in a blender, water goes in a spray bottle -once blended - the seeds become like play doh and the paste is really easy to apply to your face (i always skip my forehead because its so small and i hate the feeling of anything on my forehead) -spray the fenugreek water onto your scalp and all over your hair -mask stays on your face for 15 minutes minimum - it completely got rid of my redness from my pimples and made my skin SO soft and instantly hydrated (tell you why/how later) keep the hair tonic on overnight and wash out in morning 🙌🏽WHY THIS ONE INGREDIENT IS A MUST HAVE!🙌🏽 -Fenugreek is the ULTIMATE herb! When you soak the seeds in water - they become a slimy mucus (that word is so yuck but the best way to describe the stickiness) -the “slime” INSTANTLY hydrates dry skin and gives your skin a PLUMP JUICY GLOW -Contains THIAMINE to make your skin and hair EXTREMELY HEALTHY -VITAMIN K reduces dark circles and any dark spots on face draws out toxins from the skin like annoying blackheads -VITAMIN C to give you dat glow BRIGHTENS COMPLEXION -Reduces inflammation (which is why my redness was gone) 👩🏾for hair that “SLIME” aka Lecithin coats the hair shaft and makes it NATURALLY ridiculously shiny (i have NO product in my hair. just the fenugreek juiciness coming thru) -fixes damaged hair and makes your hair healthy -high in protein and potassium so it prevents premature GREY hairs! -conditions your hair and scalp making it soft and hydrated (NO MORE DRY HAIR!) 👀FULL OF NUTRIENTS I COULD GO ON BUT INSTAGRAM HAS A TXT LIMIT AND YOU SHOULD JUST DO DIS!! 💰Cost: $4 for multi use 🗣Where to buy: amazon or grocery store spice isle ⏰How often: once a week or when needed 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦For all hair and skin types (men too) ❄️No need to refrigerate ❤️SHARE THIS WITH A FRIEND IN NEED! 👍🏾ALSOOOOO LIKE THIS VIDEO AND HELP A SIS OUT FAM! <3 ILY4EVER Disclaimer: Test patch first. Always.

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