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Ono kad make up postane umjetnost

Vještine nekih beauty YouTuberica prelaze područje make upa i postaju prava umjetnost. 

Jer kako drukčije nazvati ovo što radi djevojka koja stoji iza profila Mimles na Instagramu.

Njeno područje su genijalne iluzije na licu i tijelu koje nas tjeraju da protrljamo oči i uvjerimo se jesmo li dobro vidjeli. Ono što je najbolje je što uz svaku sliku stoji priča o tome kako je look nasato, ali i poruka koju nosi ideja iza toga.

Ne vjerujete nam? Ispod su slike koje sve dokazuju:






HOLLOWED OUT 🔪 • A #CARVED FACE makeup illusion • So I didn't actually stop carving my face after 30 minutes last night... and this is what I ended up with after 1 hour. Took one of my followers @ensomz's advice and incorporated thicker skin pieces and bigger holes for a more realistic look! Also realized that shading the thickness really added to the effect. A lot of people ask me how I do these things. My answer is through lots of trials and errors, patience and persistence. I learn most from doing things wrong and always looking back to see what could be done better. There's no easy way around it -- no matter how much potential you have, you will not grow if you never push yourself out of your comfort zone. 🌟 ________________________ A carved makeup attempt using @nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_canada matte black liquid eyeliner and @makeupforeverofficial @makeupforeverca foundation palette. The eye area was painted black and my eye was closed to give the hollow effect. All #makeup, no Photoshop.

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NOT PERFECT LIKE A ROBOT | This post is for those who are suffering from eating disorders silently. I do not have an eating disorder but I did when I was a teenager and I never told anybody not because I was ashamed of it - but because I felt I did not look like someone who was suffering from an E.D. and I was embarrassed. I didn't qualify because I didn't think I was thin enough and suffered silently for years. Although I appeared to be happy and somewhat healthy (I was under 100lbs at my lowest but I looked average among my tiny Asian friends), I often felt worthless and ashamed whenever I was alone. I had an E.D. because weight was the only thing that I felt I had total control over. It was the one thing that I really wanted to master because every thing else in my life was not going the direction that I wanted it to. But I failed even at that because I did not even get close to my goal; I failed because I would binge eat at 3AM from severe hunger; I failed because I was imperfect inside and outside. I could not ask for help because I was so ashamed but I was sick, mentally and physically. I cried a lot. Fortunately, I finally got the courage up to find support online and eventually recovered. And now at age 31, I have learned to embrace myself completely and nobody would have guessed that I had an eating disorder because I enjoy food so much. If you are experiencing what I have gone through when I was younger, I just want to let you know that you are not alone and that you do not need to look a certain way or weigh a certain number to ask for help. I also want to let you know that hitting that unhealthy goal weight would not make you feel better about yourself - it would only make you want to set another unrealistic goal and the dissatisfaction is never-ending. Beauty is unstable - even the most beautiful woman will eventually get old and lose her physical attractiveness. But if you focus on your health and building on your qualities inside, they will only get better as you age and the reward is definite. You do not need to be perfect to be successful and nobody ever expects you to be. ❤️ •••••• Robot hand #makeup using @patmcgrathreal Metalmorphosis 005

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