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Met Gala challenge: Novi hit na Instagramu


Prvi ponedjeljak u svibnju je dan kada bi mnoge svjetske zvijezde trebale zablistati na Met Gala eventu. Ovogodišnja Met Gala otkazana je zbog pandemije.

Met Gala Challenge trenutačno je glavna tema na Instagramu jer ljubitelji mode svakodnevno objavljuju dress-up trenutke nadahnute nekim od najzanimljivijih modnih izdanja s prošlih Met Gala. Modni #MetGalaChallenge je prije svega zabava te poticanje na kreativno iskorištavanje slobodnog vremena kojeg smo s obzirom na situaciju, imali i previše, piše Bustle,

Ovaj neobičan modni izazov pokrenuli su časopis Vogue i Billy Porter 22. travnja kada su objavili poziv za sudjelovanjem. Odazvao se uistinu impresivan broj ljudi, a samo najbolje Vogue je objavio na svom službenom profilu.

A da su #metgalachallenge modne kreacije uistinu kreativne i vrijedne pažnje, uvjeri se kroz ove fotografije.


lady gaga at the met gala: at home edition ✨ feat my dad as the umbrella helper in a suit and my mom as the camera person :D (they are the real mvps here 😤💕) . . but this is my official entry for @voguemagazine ‘s #metgalachallenge! The goal was to recreate iconic met gala looks at home, and this is my take on @brandonmaxwell ‘s design for @ladygaga - feat. pink bedsheets, laudrybaskets, my black photo backdrop, and other clothes i had around the house! . . (sorry there is no part 2 showing the making of the pink coat! Midterms are currently kicking my butt, so i had to rush this project a bit, and that meant no time to film and edit part 2 😅 but nevertheless, i really wanted to get it done, and I’m glad i was able to! its not exactly my best work, but it was a fun challenge! :) ✨ . . Materials for this look were: - and old laundry bin - Carboard - Fanny pack - Scrap black fabric & muslin - Zip ties - old photo backdrop - a lot of hot glue/thread/pins - Pink bedsheets - clothes/accessories from around the house - and my blonde lio (promare) wig haha . . I know this isn’t like my normal style of project, but thank you all so much for coming along for the ride! . . . . #metgala #diy #diyfashion #fashion #cosplay #cosplaywip #crescentshay #recycledfashion #redcarpet #fashiondress #ladygaga #ladygagacosplay #redcarpetdress #eveningdress #historicalcostuming

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Recreating one of the biggest moments of last years #metgala featuring @ladygaga and @brandonmaxwell - for the @theebillyporter and @voguemagazine #metgalachallenge (see prior post for full video) thank you to the greats of fashion for inspiring the future!! 🎀 . . Important to note ((the girls pulled this off in less than one day, gathered everything from around the house and set up the best way they could, hair and make up by mom but everything else was put together by the girls- production queens!! And no, these are not old photos- this was yesterday under quarantine- the fact they choreographed this and was in synch to the real art installation by @richysquirrel blew my mind!! )) #ladygaga #metgala

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My official submission for the #MetGalaChallenge thanks to the #UselessCelebrityHistory set 💁🏼‍♂️

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