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Projektom spasila napuštene pse: Nisu opasni, nego prave maze!

Pitbull s cvjetnom krunom

Da bi našla dom za napuštene pse, i ujedno srušila stereotip o agresivnosti pitbulla, fotografkinja Sophie Gamand osmislila je ovaj projekt

'Uvijek sam pomagala u azilima, ali od pitbulla sam pomalo zazirala zbog onog što sam čitala u medijima. Željela sam se uvjeriti da te priče nisu točne' rekla je fotografkinja Sophie Gamand o svojem projektu akcije udomljavanja napuštenih pasa.

I to pitbullova, vrste koja je nepravedno prezentirana u medijima kao agresivna. Krivi su neodgovorni vlasnici koji ne znaju (ili ne žele) dobro odgojiti svog psa, a psi se samo ponašaju kako su naučeni.

Prosječni maltezer nije ništa manje ili više agresivan, ali se njegov ugriz ne pamti. Kad sa snažnom pasminom poput pitbulla nešto pođe po zlu, novinski natpisi su senzacionalistički i samo prolongiraju neopravdani strah i histeriju.

'Kada sam saznala da se u SAD-u godišnje eutanazira milijun pitbullova, projekt je za mene dodatno dobio na važnosti' rekla je Sophie za Harpers Bazaar.

Od pokretanja akcije #PitbullFlowerPower stotine pasa je sretno udomljeno. 

Za kraj samo treba naglasiti da ne grize pasmina, već pas. Pas koji je na neki način zanemaren od svog vlasnika. Ovakve akcije dobrodošle su u podizanju svijesti o tome, a nakon što ih pogledate možda ćete i sami vidjeti ono što njihovi vlasnici odavno znaju: Koliko nježni i umiljati ti četveronožni prijatelji zaista mogu biti.



Here is Princess Grace's #PitBullFlowerPower! This soulful, fun girl was rescued by a Good Samaritan who found her tied to a fence. As soon as the ladies from @mrbonesandco saw her face, they knew Grace belonged with them. She was covered in bite wounds, one of her jowls was hanging and had to be stitched back. The injuries looked and smelled nasty. But all Grace would do was give kisses and wag her tail, wiggling around the vet's room and stealing everyone's hearts. Now, criminal investigation is ongoing and I really hope we catch the bastards who inflicted this upon her. Side note: To think that some people believe bait dogs are a myth, makes me want to throw up. If you look into Grace's eyes, you will see nothing else but unconditional love, compassion and devotion. This girl deserves to become someone's queen. Apply for her at www.mrbonesandco.org/adoption-application. . #PitBullFlowerPower #DogFightingIsForPussies #EndBSL

Fotografiju objavljuje Sophie Gamand (@sophiegamand)



6 little puppies came, 6 little puppies got adopted! I am so proud to announce that all 6 Friends puppies, featured here in all their #PitBullFlowerPower glory, have officially been adopted, and ALL 6 of them were found by their adopters through my photos posted on Instagram! 😱 Congrats to @mrbonesandco for their dedication and hard work. These nuggets were found being sold in a driveway for $40 a pup, under the legal age, by some backyard breeder a-hole. 7 of their siblings had already been sold, at least one of them has already been spotted living outside tied in a yard 😩 Mommy and dad were rescued too. If you want prints of these little lucky nuggets, head to my store, I just added them 😍 (link in bio). #PitBullFlowerPowerADOPTED #AdoptDontShop #SpayAndNeuter

Fotografiju objavljuje Sophie Gamand (@sophiegamand)



Ice arrived at @tohanimalshelter as an owner surrender in February 2015. Yet another dog who lived her life chained to a tree, day and night. It was a very cold winter that year, but instead of bringing Ice inside, her owner figured he'd drop her at the shelter. Although she is being taken care of by the wonderful staff and volunteers, Ice does not do well in the shelter. She just wants to finally belong somewhere! At just 3 years old and 50 lbs, she has a lot of life left to offer someone. We are hoping she doesn't have to wait much longer until she finds her way into a loving, warm and cozy forever home. Ice currently needs a solo dog home, with no cats. Please call for more information: 516-785-5220 or come visit @tohanimalshelter at: 3320 Beltagh Avenue, Wantagh NY 11793. #PitBullFlowerPower #AdoptDontShop #EndBSL

Fotografiju objavljuje Sophie Gamand (@sophiegamand)




How gorgeous is Asia (follow her on @adoptabull_asia) from @thelostpaws In Phoenix Arizona? What you can’t see on her #PitBullFLowerPower portrait are her amazing ears!! You can see them in action on her very own IG account @adoptabull_asia! This beautiful pup was taken off the euthanasia list where she ended up for “fear”. When a dog ends up on that list, it’s usually because they have gone through so much that chances of rehabilitating them are extremely thin. But with Asia, it was not the case at all! Turns out, she was most probably a family pet before ending up in the shelter system. Asia is very well behaved and knows basic commands. She is wonderful, crate-trained, walks well on a leash and is playful. She loves playing with toys and her people but would prefer to be an only pet! She also loves to swim in the kitty pools (needs a life vest for big pools) and her favorite game is fetch. She will keep the same ball for months without chewing it up and loves to take it with her everywhere! How cute is that? A volunteer told me: "I've been taking Asia out a lot and she is a great hiker with wonderful leash manners, and she loves to cuddle up and get petted. My kids adore her:)! She is such a lovebug". #PitBullFlowerPower #AmazingRescueRace #PitBullFlowerPowerARIZONA

Fotografiju objavljuje Sophie Gamand (@sophiegamand)




An oldie but a goodie! Topaz from @tohanimalshelter feeling pretty. This gorgeous girl is still waiting for a home (Hempstead Town, Long Island NY). Topaz is a 3 ½ year old pint-size pit bull mix (48 lbs). This sweet girl came into the shelter as a stray in the middle of the night. Topaz is adorable and is sweet and friendly too. She tested fabulously with other dogs, but wasn't a fan of the felines 🙀 (can't blame her 😅😅). Topaz loves to play with toys, showed no issues with people near her food, and even seems housebroken. Topaz is petite, and would make a fabulous addition to most homes, and is recommended for homes with teens. Please call for more information: 516-785-5220 or come visit us at: 3320 Beltagh Avenue, Wantagh NY 11793. #PitbullFlowerPower #adoptdontshop #endBSL #bts #happyface ... Tag a friend or 2!! This page is almost at 100K followers!! It's pretty amazing and exciting to think of all the doggies we can get adopted!! 😳🎉😍

Fotografiju objavljuje Sophie Gamand (@sophiegamand)


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