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10 urnebesnih Instagram profila koje ćeš htjeti zapratiti

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Meme stranice su zlato s interneta, a ovo su samo neke koje ćete htjeti zapratiti, ako već niste.

Portal Live About je izvukao deset najsmješnijih stranica s Instagrama koje nas svakodnevno nasmijavaju, a vi nam recite koja je vama najdraža.

I, naravno, ovo su samo neke od funny meme stranica koje postoje, a vi nam slobodno pišite koje vi pratite i na čije se fore vi najviše smijete!

1. Texts From Your Ex


one of the worst things about quarantine is that all your exes know you’re home

A post shared by Unspirational (@textsfromyourex) on

2. Girl With No Job


The hardest of goodbyes (@tony_charm)

A post shared by Claudia Oshry (@girlwithnojob) on

3. Betches


Happy April 25th everybody

A post shared by Betches Media (@betches) on

4. Texts From Your Existentialist


Getting ready for hot girl midsommar w/ #boticelli.

A post shared by Texts From Your Existentialist (@textsfromyourexistentialist) on

5. Chill Wild Life

6. _Eavesdropper


Starting to really appreciate the little things. Based on a tweet by @khydill #stayhome #eavesdropper

A post shared by Eavesdropper (@_eavesdropper) on

7. Fashion Dads

8. Baddie Winkle

9. Kids Are The Worst


I was saving that for a special occasion (which means when I found it and the kids were all asleep). #kidsaretheworst

A post shared by Anna Macfarlane (@kidsaretheworst) on

10. Passenger Shaming


A little throwback of this sweet face, because we could all use a smile right about now! 😘🐶✈️🙏🏼 (This is a service dog - in training. A long, involved process that takes a lot of time, love, patience...and thousands of dollars for a legitimate service animal such as this adorable little nugget!👍🏼) • • • #passengershaming #dogsofinstagram #instagramaviation #comeflywithme #airlinelife #airplaneetiquette #frequentflyer #crewlife #plane #aviation #cabincrew #avgeek #cabincrewlife #flightattendant #flightattendantlife #stewardess #flightattendantproblems #travel #flightattendants #instapassport #aviationgeek #FAlife #airtravel #travelgram #traveltips #pilotlife #frequentflier

A post shared by Passenger Shaming (@passengershaming) on

Koju od ovih stranica već pratite? I koja vam je najdraža za skratiti vrijeme, nasmijati se i poslati koji dobar meme prijateljima?


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