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Ovo je 10 jezivih Halloween pita koje bismo rado probali

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Halloween nam polako kuca na vrata. Iako nije toliko popularan u Hrvatskoj kao što je u SAD-u, neki mu se i dalje vesele. Došlo je vrijeme 'spooky' priča, jela i kostima. Stoga smo pronašli priču s pitama koja će vas oduševiti!

Jessica Clark-Bojin je slastičarka koja je ove godine odlučila osmisliti nešto drugačije pite za Halloween. Shvaća da će ove godine popularni praznik biti nešto drugačiji nego prethodnih godina pa je odlučila pokazati ljudima što mogu činiti kod kuće i pritom se zabaviti, piše Boredpanda. 

Za one koji nisu vrsni slastičari je poručila:

"Nema veze kako će vam pita ispasti izvana jer vi ste pobjednik u toj priči koji će za glavnu nagradu pojesti ukusnu slasticu!"

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Open Pie Collab! Prizes! Spookiness! That can only mean it’s time for my #MonsterPie Giveaway! 🎃✨ I’ve got three prize packs to give away (swipe to see) featuring some cool baking goodies AND a signed copy of my sold out Pie Art book! There are three ways you can enter: 1. Post a picture of your own spooky/Halloweeny pie, tag @ThePieous in the description, and use the Hashtag #MonsterPie 2. Leave a comment below tagging a friend and letting me know which of my Halloween pies are your favorite! 3. Share any of my Halloween pies in your feed or stories! (don’t forget to tag me so I can see it!) You can enter all three ways if you like, and you can enter as many different pies as you like! The draw will be done on Nov 3rd (so you’ve got some time to get Day of the Dead themed pies in too 💀🌸) I cannot wait to see what you all come up with this year! I know it’s going to be a different sort of Halloween this year what with the global apocalypse and all... but hey, even if we can’t see our friends live, we can always send them an awesome Halloween pie to let them know they are with us in spirit 👻💕 ——- Boring stuff: This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram. 3 winners will be selected by random draw on November 3rd 2020. Giveaway open to residents of North America and the EU. 19+. ⠀ #halloweenpie #halloweentreats #halloweendesserts #halloweenpies

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Pusheen the Witch can see your future... and it’s full of Pie! Hooray!🥧🔮 ⠀ When the fabulous @luxeandthelady suggested we do another themed collab for Halloween-time, I was totally down! She always picks the cutest subjects, and did not disappoint this time with her suggestion that we each create a “Halloween Pusheen Treat”. My son loves all things Pusheen (they even have a Pusheen Club at his school) so he was a big fan of this pie too! Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of him eating it because he got super upset when I thoughtlessly stabbed Pusheen through the heart in taking out a slice 🤦‍♀️ (Major mommy fail!) 😂 ⠀ Head on over to LuxeAndTheLady’s page to check out her spooky/cute Pusheen offering! I love cute characters at Halloween time, but I’m also partial to horror flicks and a bit of gruesome terror too... Where do you fall on the Halloween spectrum? Do you go for the cute costumes, sexy costumes, gory costumes, or funny/punny costumes? ⠀ #pusheen #ilovepie

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Now Joker can throw a pie with his face in your face! Check out the full making of video for this pie I did for @foodnetwork over on their page... Any pie I get to use sparkles on is a good pie 🤡✨🍏 and you know I had a blast going nuts with all the HA HA HAs! 😜 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Have you seen the new movie with Joaquin Phoenix yet? What did you think? I’m normally a Marvel Zombie, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the Joker - some of my favorite graphic novels of all time are Joker ones... he’s such a deceptively simple character on the surface but there’s so much mystery under the hood... Some of the most fascinating Joker stories are actually from the POV of his “faceless” henchmen and how his reputation and presence affects the Gotham underworld. He’s been around for decades and decades in over a dozen iterations, but I never get tired of spending time with him (and Harley)! Lemme know who your favorite Joker is below! (I love them all, but I think I gotta give it to Mark Hamill... 🏆) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #joker #batman #applepie

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Let the Halloweening begin with my first spooky pie offering of the season- a “Slimer” apple/cherry fakeout pie! 🍏🍒🥧 This pie is actually two pies in one- I made a 1 inch thick cherry galette (made to look like a full pie) with some “slime holes” cut out of it, and sat that on top of a full green apple pie. Slimer is also made of pie pastry, and “slimed up” with a bit of corn syrup. Swipe to see how it was made! ⠀⠀ Big ‘ol props to pie-oneer @cor98004 for suggesting the Ghostbusters theme! 👻 Now! What’s my second pie going to be? You tell me in the comments below! ⠀⠀ And don’t forget to submit your own entry to the #HalloweenPieArt challenge - just use the hashtag, tag me in the description and post your spooky pie any time between now and Nov 1st and you might just win some lovely pie art decorating supplies courtesy of @kitchenjukeboxinsider! ⠀⠀ #ghostbusters #slimer #applepie #halloweenfood

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Here’s my Spooky Pie #2 - The Bedlam, aka “Other Mother” from Coraline!🕷🕸🥧🧵 Thank you to everyone who suggested I bake something “with spiders” and “something from Coraline.” For those unfamiliar with the book/movie “Other Mother” is a kind of succubus creature that starts out looking like Coraline’s mother (except with button eyes) and slowly transforms into a super spooky spider lady with sewing needles for fingers so she can steal people’s eyeballs and sew buttons in their sockets. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Yes, it is a kids’ movie. 😂 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ No doubt those of you in the baking world recognize the “spoke” design in the background! When I was deciding on the 🕸 design for the Bedlam and doodling in my notebook, it dawned on me that Lauren Ko’s spoke pie would be a perfect artsy backdrop for her - so I reached out and asked if she minded if I did an homage to her famous design and she said yes! It took me a few tries to get it right (you can see my unadorned version if you swipe) but I learned a ton from the process. Failure is always my best teacher - as long as I eventually figure it out 😜 Check out Lauren’s beautiful pies at @lokokitchen ! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Okay! For my next pie I’m leaning towards Nightmare Before Christmas, Carrie, or Over the Garden Wall... what’dya reckon? Let me know in the comments below - and don’t forget to submit your #HalloweenPieArt to the collab! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #spiders #othermother #coraline #coralinefanart #monsterpie

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A little Nightmare Before Christmas fan art (in cherry pie form) to brighten your morning! 💀🎃🥧💕 Not only is N.B.C. my favorite Halloween movie, it’s in the running for my favorite movie of all time... the characters, art direction, lighting, animation, songs... and the story! All so original, and magical, and disturbing. Many brilliant people dumped their brains and souls out to bring this film to life, and of course the Tim Burton aesthetic presides over all. But enough about my love of the film - how about you? Where my Nightmare Before Christmas fans at? Tag a friend who loves NBC and Burton and let me know what your favorite part of the film is in the comments below! #nightmarebeforechristmas #jackandsally #jackskellington #cake #sallynightmarebeforechristmas #halloweenpie #nightmarebeforechristmascake #baroque #baroquestyle #thanksgivingdinner #halloweentreats #tastemademedoit #desserttable #weddingpie #timburton #timburtonfan #checkerboard #sepia #pumpkinspice #woodenspoon #cakeart #cookieart #fanart #monsterpie

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I hope this post doesn’t *bug* anyone 😜 but I’m super excited to share my new Scarab Beetle Pie Pops with you! 🐜 🐛🥧 I’m really happy with how they turned out... And they only took an hour to make! I think they’d be fabulous for a Halloween party (or a wedding it you’re into that kind of thing.) They taste delicious with cherry 🍒 filling, a maple syrup glaze, and light dusting of some beautiful “Roxy & Rich” edible luster dust that @kitchenjukeboxinsider kindly sent me to try out. Swipe for more pics. What say you - would you “eat a bug” even in pie form? Tag a friend you’d dare to eat these with! #🥧>∞ #piesareawesome #pie #piestagram #crustart #thepieous #pielove #thepieous #piecrust #baking #ilovepie #ediblebugs #piepops #handpies #cherrypie #pieart #yeahbutwhatdoesitlooklikebaked #scarabs #beetles #beetleart #scarabart #scarabjewelry #bugart #tinypies #weddingpies #halloweenpies #halloweenallyear #roxyandrich #ediblebugs #egyptianart

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Waiting for Red. Can you spot the little wolf and grandma’s house in this “collectors plate” style pie? 🏡 🐺 This is my half of a fairytale collab with the brilliant @InspiredToTaste. Head over to her profile to check out her half of the story! I had a ton of fun doing this collab, but sometimes I wish I had an “undo” button when I’m baking... As you can see from the process pics if you swipe, the contrast was looking a little flat after I painted the dough, so I decided to add black outlines to help define the areas. Well I forgot how much darker this particular green gets in the oven! (Doh!) and now I feel like I should have quit while I was ahead... 🤨 You ever do that with creative projects? Go one step too far and then yell out “Undo! Undo!” to the empty room 😂 In any event, I‘m happy with the sculpted part and I’ve learned a valuable lesson about colour changing pigments! (And also that tinted Lychee nut filling is kinda gross 😜) What lessons have you learned the hard way as a baker? . #🥧>∞ #pieart #piesareawesome #pie #piestagram #crustart #pastryart #pielove #pieoneer #pastrylove #foodartist #thepieous #pie #piecrust #baking #instabake #pietrait #bakefail #collab #inspiredtotaste #wolfart #redridinghood #fairytale

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