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Ovo su trikovi za kombiniranje odjeće u neonskoj boji!


Ako u ormaru imaš par komada odjeće u ovoj boji, a ne znaš kako ih nositi, mi vam donosimo rješenje! Pročitaj ove trikove, odvaži se na cool modnu kombinaciju i budi glavna diva u gradu!

1. Kombiniranje casual i fancy komada



Does Instagram ever get to you or is it just me? My year began strong both emotionally and mentally, and very focused. These days I’m finding myself stuck in my own head ridden with anxiety, self-doubt, and fear. When I’m stuck in a negative pattern, I talk to my core people. They listen patiently and then bring me back to a healthy place. Journaling, taking a time out, meditation, and exercise help too. I believe that acknowledging these thoughts is the first step in moving forward and that it’s only a temporary set back. Life is fine tuning the journey along the way. It’s not rainbows, puppy dogs, and Balenciaga shoes all the time, but it’s up to us to create that happiness and balance within ourselves. Remember that these momentary thoughts of anxiety and self-doubt do not define you. If you got this far, thank you for reading. I hope that being honest and open with you will spark some healthy discussion that can otherwise go unspoken. 🖤✌🏼

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2. Neonsku boju kombiniraj s onom neutralnom

3. Biraj i pletenu odjeću


Buttoned knit top #zarawoman Thank you @frejabeha.erichsen

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4. Odaberi kupaći kostim za plažu u ovoj boji


Ninguém me perde na praia 😂✅ . . . #summer #neon #ericeira #ericeiralovers #ericeiralive

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5. Ne za boravi na makeup napravljen s ovim bojama

6. Zabavi se tijekom stvaranja looka!



another outfit recreation from a runway image I love... can you guess which?

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